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What Is The Nicest Part Of Fort Lauderdale?

A high rise building in fort lauderdale

Nestled northeast of Miami, dubbed the “Venice of America,” Fort Lauderdale offers all the waterfront charms of South Florida sans the frantic urban pace. But make no mistake—this city isn’t short on options for night owls and culinary aficionados.

Its prime location, just a breezy 30 miles from Miami, positions it as a laid-back alternative to the bustling beach life that defines South Florida. From its pristine beaches to the bustling Downtown, Fort Lauderdale boasts an array of attractions and activities.

Below, we guide prospective homebuyers on a swift tour of the finest neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale and its neighboring towns, aiding them in their quest to find the perfect spot in Broward County.

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Best Neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale Area

  • Las Olas Isles
  • Rio Vista
  • Central Beach
  • Victoria Park
  • Colee Hammock
  • Plantation
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Sunrise

Las Olas Isles: Epitome of Fort Lauderdale’s Luxury Living

Arguably the jewel in Fort Lauderdale’s crown, Las Olas Isles exudes an unparalleled sense of sophistication and exclusivity.

Unlike Rio Vista, which offers a glimpse of upscale waterfront living through a handful of islands, Las Olas Isles comprises entirely of these exclusive enclaves.

Here, breathtaking waterfront properties ranging from grand estates to contemporary marvels define the epitome of the luxury housing market. Each island serves as a picturesque harbor for a fleet of private yachts and boats, showcasing the area’s opulence and contributing to the unique ambiance that defines Las Olas Isles.

Just like Rio Vista, Las Olas Isles is a mecca for boating enthusiasts, boasting easy access to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a haven for yacht aficionados, featuring an array of marinas, boat docks, and esteemed boating clubs.

Las Olas Boulevard stands as a testament to the neighborhood’s allure and Fort Lauderdale’s charm. Lined with enticing storefronts, gourmet eateries, and charming cafes against a backdrop of swaying palm trees and shimmering waters, it adds an undeniable allure to Las Olas Isles. Notably, the Broward Center for the Performing Arts is within easy reach, courtesy of the Boulevard.

Despite its status as one of Fort Lauderdale’s premier neighborhoods, Las Olas Isles doesn’t flaunt its luxury. Serene streets lead to laid-back cafes that exude a relaxed ambiance, while a blend of wine festivals and ample outdoor spaces invites residents to unwind and forget the exclusivity that surrounds them.

Rio Vista: Where River Views Define Luxury Living

True to its name, Rio Vista, or “River View” in Spanish, offers a waterfront experience like no other. Despite its small size, this neighborhood, much like Colee Hammock, holds the distinction of being one of Fort Lauderdale’s oldest and most coveted residential areas.

Stroll along the picturesque Rio Vista Boulevard, shaded by lush trees, and you’ll be treated to tranquil vistas of the Tarpon River and its elegant waterfront dwellings, giving you a glimpse into the neighborhood’s timeless allure.

Rio Vista and its neighboring areas represent the pinnacle of luxury real estate in Fort Lauderdale. Its enduring appeal to the boating and yachting community is underscored by its plethora of marinas, docks, and seamless ocean access.

The neighborhood is divided into two distinct sections: the western enclave boasts opulent single-family residences, while the eastern side is dotted with finger islands, where yachts dot the waterways akin to cars lining a bustling city street.

Unsurprisingly, the properties on these quaint islands epitomize paradise, with price tags reaching into the tens of millions. Yet, even amidst such luxury, Rio Vista offers a range of condominiums and townhouses, ensuring there’s something to captivate every discerning homebuyer’s interest.

Central Beach: Fort Lauderdale’s Tranquil Coastal Gem

Central Beach epitomizes Fort Lauderdale’s counterpart to Miami’s South Beach, minus the bustling party scene. Instead, it offers a diverse array of al fresco cafes, upscale dining establishments, and premium cocktail bars.

The heart of the neighborhood undoubtedly lies along the shoreline. A meandering boardwalk, flanked by Central Beach’s distinctive, sinuous white barrier, sees a constant flow of cyclists, rollerbladers, and those simply seeking stunning beachfront vistas.

Even if physical activity isn’t your forte, the grandeur of the pine trees adorning Central Beach’s boardwalk imparts a vacation-like ambiance to any outdoor pursuit.

Opting to reside here means selecting from some of the finest condos in Miami. Central Beach predominantly features amenity-rich high-rises and understated luxury townhouses. While single-family homes are available, they often come with heftier price tags.

Boredom is a foreign concept in Central Beach. The neighborhood proudly hosts the renowned Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and its calendar brims with open-air festivals and events. For those with a penchant for exploration, the Swimming Hall of Fame awaits your visit at any time.

Victoria Park: A Haven of Old Florida Charm

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from the upscale Central Beach, Victoria Park stands as a tribute to the timeless allure of “Old Florida.”

Dating back to the 1930s, Victoria Park proudly showcases home styles from yesteryears, enveloped by lush greenery and majestic pine trees that have stood the test of time. Despite being one of Fort Lauderdale’s most prestigious neighborhoods, it exudes a welcoming atmosphere, with pockets of neighborly charm dispersed throughout.

At the heart of the neighborhood lies Holiday Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting a plethora of trails, outdoor courts, a recreation center, and a sprawling dog park, it offers endless recreational opportunities for Victoria Park residents.

Should the allure of Holiday Park wane, nearby Hugh Taylor Birch State Park beckons with its abundance of hiking trails and serene fishing spots surrounding a tranquil freshwater lagoon. And for those seeking sustenance after a day of exploration, the nearby gastropub, Park & Ocean, awaits with open arms.

While renowned for its opulent estates, Victoria Park boasts a diverse range of real estate options. From competitively priced condos to charming townhouses replete with amenities, there’s something to suit every taste and budget in this idyllic neighborhood.

Colee Hammock: Where Life is Boutique

Embracing the spirit of exclusivity, Colee Hammock offers a lifestyle as unique as the neighborhood itself.

Established in the early 1900s, Colee Hammock boasts a storied past evident in its delightful blend of historic residences, verdant gardens, and majestic oak trees. Its meandering, tranquil streets epitomize the leisurely pace synonymous with this waterfront haven.

Colee Hammock Park and Victoria Park stand out as local havens for outdoor enthusiasts, offering breathtaking water vistas and ample spaces for picnicking, fishing, and relaxation.

But beyond its natural allure, Colee Hammock thrives with a vibrant culinary scene. From the inventive plant-based creations at PLANTA Queen to the exquisite sushi delights at Sushi Rock, the neighborhood teems with acclaimed restaurants and bars.

Prospective buyers will find a diverse array of options catering to various budgets. Whether it’s waterfront estates boasting private docks or cozy, modern condos with more accessible price points, Colee Hammock promises something for everyone.

Plantation: Where Greenery Reigns Supreme

Earned its title as a “Tree City USA,” Plantation wears its tree-themed identity proudly.

Strolling down streets adorned with names like “Cypress Boulevard” and “Holly Lane,” one can’t help but marvel at the city’s lush landscape. Trees and verdant lawns grace expansive swathes of Plantation, with some areas showcasing impressive estates while others are dedicated to pristine local parks.

Exploring Plantation’s streets is a delight, each one brimming with greenery and captivating charm, offering a glimpse into the city’s diverse housing options.

Many single-family homes boast spacious lawns, a testament to Plantation’s appreciation for outdoor living. Residents ensure that access to nature is extended right to their doorsteps, providing a plethora of homes with ample green space for prospective buyers to choose from.

For avid golfers, Plantation stands out as a top destination in South Florida. Jacaranda Golf Club, with its 18 holes nestled amidst enchanting landscaping, is a golfer’s paradise. Alternatively, those seeking a blend of golf and fine dining can frequent the Fort Lauderdale Country Club, renowned for its impeccable greens and highly-rated culinary offerings.

As the icing on the cake, a mere 19-minute drive transports residents to the heart of Fort Lauderdale, granting swift access to its famed beaches and vibrant waterfront scene.

Pembroke Pines: Where Convenience Meets Impeccable Design

What distinguishes Pembroke Pines is its unparalleled location and meticulous planning. Despite being the farthest from Fort Lauderdale among the towns we’ve discussed, its 36-minute commute is a small price to pay for the exceptional living experience it offers.

Bordered by the untamed marshes of the Everglades Natural Preserve to the west and the coastal allure of Hollywood to the east, Pembroke Pines enjoys proximity to a plethora of outdoor adventures. Whether it’s exploring endless hiking trails or basking in the sun on South Florida’s finest beaches, residents have easy access to both, thanks to the straightforward 820 highway.

Speaking of accessibility, the 820 neatly divides Pembroke Pines, ensuring seamless connectivity across the city. Whether you reside in the easternmost or westernmost tip, reaching local amenities like the Costco situated towards the opposite end of town is a breeze.

While Pembroke Pines boasts its fair share of upscale residences, it’s committed to offering accessibility across all housing types. While gated communities with grand estates may catch your eye, the city also provides a diverse selection of affordable condos and apartments, ensuring there’s something for every budget and lifestyle.

Sunrise: A Tranquil Oasis with Urban Appeal

While not exactly a neighborhood, Sunrise’s proximity to the city and its status as one of the most sought-after towns in the Fort Lauderdale area merit its inclusion on this list.

As one of Broward County’s earliest planned communities, Sunrise proudly showcases the results of thoughtful urban design. Its serene, tree-lined streets and picturesque network of small lakes create a charming landscape that sets it apart.

Situated just a short 35-minute drive from Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise embodies the ideal suburban setting. Tranquil avenues, well-maintained parks, and an abundance of local shops contribute to its allure. However, what truly distinguishes Sunrise are its city-like attractions.

The renowned Sawgrass Mills outlets stand as a shopping haven for the entire state of Florida, offering a plethora of stores and dining options. Adjacent lies the FLA Live Arena, serving as the home of the Florida Panthers and hosting a variety of high-profile events. With such attractions nearby, there’s no need to venture into Downtown Miami for entertainment.

Prospective homebuyers will find ample opportunities in Sunrise’s real estate market. The city boasts a diverse selection of condominium buildings catering to various price points, alongside single-family homes and luxurious estates scattered throughout its bounds. Whether you seek urban convenience or suburban tranquility, Sunrise offers the best of both worlds.

In the market for a home in Fort Lauderdale? Explore available listings and also consider indulging in boat tour services, such as those offered by Bluefoot Pirate Adventures, for a unique exploration of the area’s coastal charm. Whether you’re in search of your dream home or looking to embark on a maritime adventure, Fort Lauderdale has something for everyone.