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Boat Tours In Fort Lauderdale

Boat Tours Near Me

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures is the top destination for boaters to book amazing marine tours and excursions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Whether you’re a local and want to enjoy some thrilling water activities or a visitor wanting an unforgettable marine adventure, we offer a variety of trips.

From jaw-dropping views to family fun, romantic escapades or outings with the kids in tow, our list delivers the city’s best boat tours.

Boat Tours Near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What makes Fort Lauderdale so unique is its incredibly complex canal systems, and our boat tours provide an unmatched perspective on this charming city.

Our cruises in the heart of Fort Lauderdale give you easy access to the stunning waterways in Fort Lauderdale for a glimpse of the city’s true beauty. Experience an adventure and a getaway world like never before. We pride ourselves in providing a mix of experiences for various tastes and interests, and keep boaters yearning for more.

One Hour Family Pirate Ship Adventure

From Fort Lauderdale, the adventure begins with our One Hour Family Pirate Ship Adventure, and our boaters cruise along the vibrant Intracoastal Waterway. Board our custom pirate ship, the Bluefoot, and meet our crew of seasoned sailors, each with their own distinct personality and style of storytelling. Interact with different crew members and get more interesting information about Fort Lauderdale.

Our pirate adventure is jam-packed with interactive fun for everyone. Join in on some of our most intriguing, active pirate games and practice navigating like a real pirate. The crew teaches boaters how to speak pirate, from old standards, such as “Ahoy, Matey!” to creating unique pirate names.

Throughout the trip, the crew entertains with tales of famous pirates: Captain Kidd, “Black Bart Roberts” and the list goes on. Listen to their adventures, tricks and encounters with legendary sea monsters.

Private Sunset Cruise

Above all else, our Private Sunset Cruise is dedicated to every boater’s satisfaction and comfort. Climb aboard for an all-inclusive ship meant for rejuvenation like never before. We offer the perfect getaway for families looking for cruise tours in Fort Lauderdale.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning views that unfold as we take you on an unforgettable Private Sunset Cruise. Fort Lauderdale boasts the most beautiful sunsets, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than on a charter boat.

Get immersed in a stunning, beautiful display of colors across the horizon. The warm hues of orange and pink gradually give way to deep purples and blues, creating a picture-perfect backdrop for your evening. Whether toasting with your partner or catching up with friends, the sky’s ever-changing canvas creates an incredibly magical backdrop for an unforgettable evening.

We understand that each occasion is unique and special to our clients, and our Private Sunset Cruise strives to be as flexible as every boater’s vision. Whatever the occasion — an anniversary, a surprise proposal or simply a romantic getaway — our options are versatile to match your desires.

Private Birthday Adventure

Here at Bluefoot Pirate Adventures, we’re committed to delivering the ultimate private birthday party experience, where every moment is action-packed, full of joy and memories to last a lifetime. 

Our Private Birthday Adventure lets you, your family and friends immerse yourselves in our jaw-dropping pirate experience. Select from a variety of pirate costumes and props from our shop, or supply your own to bring this unforgettable celebration to the next level.

Make this special day one to remember. Discover the legends of famous pirates, maps and secrets of the seas while sailing on your own custom-designed pirate ship. It’s the perfect way to teach and entertain, add depth to your celebration and stimulate young and old.

Birthday Party Package

Get your birthday celebrations on the high seas. We’re always set with our amazing Birthday Party Package. That’s what we strive to give all our clients: an unforgettable, stress-free experience that the little pirates will talk about for years to come.

With sashes, temporary tattoos and dress-up pirate vests, there’s always something for everyone here. Get ready for the pirate adventure of a lifetime as your little ones unleash their imagination.

Leave your worries about planning, organizing and entertainment to us, so you can relax and enjoy the festivities with your little pirate and their crew.

Get in Touch With Us

Join our awesome boat tours or plan your next event with us for a cruising experience unlike any other. Contact us today to book an adventure on our private charter options. We’ll bring your ocean dreams to life. Contact us today by phone at (954) 361-8674 or fill out a contact form

little pirates have a blast on this family adventure cruise. Book your Fort Lauderdale pirate cruise now!