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About Us

Meet the Crew of the BlueFoot

Captain Black Sparrow

a man wearing a hat

Born in the West Indies as the son of a gold merchant. Black Sparrow soon won his own ship in a card game with a loud-mouthed parrot.

Captain Crawfish

a man wearing a hat and sunglasses posing for the camera

Capt. Crawfish was once marooned on an island in the Louisiana bayou. He only escaped because he speaks shrimp!

Sandy Bones

a man wearing a hat and glasses

A pirate turned landlubber, Sandy Bones helps us recruit new pirates to our adventure!

Dockmaster Justin

a man wearing a hat and sunglasses posing for the camera

Dockmaster Justin makes certain the Bluefoot is “ship-shape” before we sail. A tricky job as sometimes its shaped like a square.

Skinny Pete

a man wearing a hat and sunglasses

Skinny Pete, not too strong on his sea legs, is the first to orally signal our departures.

Neverland Jake

a person wearing a blue hat

Jake had to take up sailing when his career as a pilot ended. It was said that he would “never land.”

Hurricane Kate

a woman smiling for the camera

Hailing from a mysterious island, she rode the storm surge for days before landing at our port.

Manta Ray

headshot of Manta Ray crew member

A former Privateer turned pirate, his nautical knowledge will lead us to treasure!

Barnacle Bill


Barnacle Bill, a notorious rebel pirate patrolling the waters of Lake Sylvia…not to be trusted.