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What Are The Different Types Of Cruises

What Are The Different Types Of Cruises

Discover the perfect cruise experience with our comprehensive guide! With a multitude of cruise types and destinations to choose from, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to select the ideal cruise that matches your preferences and travel goals.

Ocean Cruising

Ocean Cruise

Ready to embark on a journey aboard a massive, luxurious floating hotel? Picture yourself enjoying pools, waterslides, a variety of dining options, and spectacular nightly shows. Ocean cruising offers all this and more!

These impressive cruise liners accommodate thousands of passengers and cater to all ages with children’s programs and activities. Enjoy 24-hour dining, shopping, late-night entertainment, and the thrill of traveling through vast seascapes. However, be prepared for crowds and lines when embarking and disembarking at ports. While ocean cruises often have attractive base fares, keep in mind that additional costs for port visits and other extras may apply.

River Cruising

River Cruise

River cruising offers an intimate and relaxed travel experience with smaller ships and fewer passengers compared to ocean liners. While you may not find extensive entertainment options or swimming pools, you’ll enjoy a cozy and focused journey. Set meal times create a delightful sense of community, and the smaller crowds mean no long queues. Plus, with less chance of sea-sickness, you can fully immerse yourself in the adventure. River cruises are often truly all-inclusive, providing excellent value for your journey.

Most river cruises travel at night, allowing you to wake up to a new destination each day. This means more time for exploration and experiencing different locales. The ever-changing scenery is a highlight, and the ports of call become the main attraction, offering rich cultural and historical experiences. Unlike ocean liners where the ship itself is often the focal point, river cruising is all about the destinations you visit. Get ready for an unforgettable journey that brings you closer to the heart of each place you explore.

Luxury Cruising

Luxury Cruise

Experience VIP treatment, exquisite dining, and top-notch amenities on luxury cruises. These cruises often feature smaller ships with flexible itineraries, personal butlers, spacious cabins, and journeys to exotic destinations. Plus, many luxury cruises offer all-inclusive packages for a truly seamless experience.

Adventure Cruising

Adventure Cruise

Are you more intrigued by nature-watching and exploring remote villages than water slides and cabaret shows? If so, an adventure cruise might be perfect for you. These cruises typically use smaller ships, allowing access to off-the-beaten-path destinations like Fort Lauderdale, the Galapagos Islands, Arctic Norway, or the Amazon. Shore excursions are thrilling and adventurous, offering activities such as white-water rafting and mountain climbing. Onboard, you can look forward to engaging lectures from wildlife experts or historians, enriching your journey with fascinating insights.

Family Cruising

Family Cruise

Planning a family-friendly cruise? These vacations are designed with the whole family in mind, offering a variety of programs and kids’ clubs to keep children of all ages entertained. To select the perfect cruise, look for ships that provide age-appropriate activities such as character meet-and-greets, swimming pools, water slides, and kid-friendly evening shows. Don’t forget to check which activities and services may incur extra charges. If you’re seeking some adult-only time, verify if the ship offers onboard babysitting and understand the policies for leaving the ship while your children are in care.

Traveling with a baby? Opt for a cruise with an onboard crèche. Keep in mind that some cruises have a minimum age requirement of six months to one year for infants. Additionally, kids’ clubs might have age restrictions for participation. Ensuring you choose the right cruise will make your family vacation smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Solo Cruising

Solo Cruise

If you’re planning a solo cruise, there are plenty of options to explore. Many cruise lines provide single-occupancy cabins, and some even waive the solo supplement fee. Additionally, some cruises organize special groups for solo travelers. Seek out liners that cater to solo cruisers with services such as organized activities like crafting, dance, and language classes, as well as social gatherings designed to help you connect with other singles on board.

Adults Cruising

Adults Cruise

Not interested in sharing your cruise with kids and seeking a more romantic experience? Consider an adults-only ship. Companies such as Bluefoot Pirates, offer cruises exclusively for guests over 18.

If that’s not feasible, opt for ships that lack family and kid-oriented amenities or feature adults-only activities and areas.


The world of cruising offers something for everyone! Whether you crave luxurious pampering, adventurous exploration, or family-friendly fun, there’s a perfect cruise liner waiting to whisk you away. Consider your travel style, interests, and budget to find the ideal match. With countless destinations and experiences at your fingertips, your dream vacation awaits on the open seas!