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About Us

Meet the Crew of the BlueFoot

Captain Black Sparrow

a man wearing a hat

Born in the West Indies as the son of a gold merchant. Black Sparrow soon won his own ship in a card game with a loud-mouthed parrot.

Captain Crawfish

a man wearing a hat

Capt. Crawfish was once marooned on an island in the Louisiana bayou. He only escaped because he speaks shrimp!

Sandy Bones


Sandy Bones, a pirate turned landlubber, helps recruit the little mateys who want to join the Bluefoot crew.

Skinny Pete


Skinny Pete, not too strong on his sea legs, is the first to orally signal our departures.

Hurricane Kate

a woman smiling for the camera

Hailing from a mysterious island, she rode the storm surge for days before landing at our port.

Manta Ray

Manta Ray150

A former Privateer turned pirate, his nautical knowledge will lead us to treasure!

Barnacle Bill


Barnacle Bill, a notorious rebel pirate patrolling the waters of Lake Sylvia…not to be trusted.