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About Us

Meet the Crew of the BlueFoot

Captain Black Sparrow


Born in the West Indies as the son of a gold merchant. Black Sparrow soon won his own ship in a card game with a loud-mouthed parrot.

Captain Kris


Capt. Kris is rumored to have survived a sinking ship by riding the back of a shark to safety in Bimini.

Cannonball Kiki


Cannonball Kiki originally from Tortuga, is a munitions expert, always ensuring cannons arrrgh ready for battle.

Barnacle Bill


Barnacle Bill, a notorious rebel pirate patrolling the waters of Lake Sylvia…not to be trusted.

Rogue Wave


Rogue Wave, a sassy lass, always looking to parlay with mermaid friends.

Flint Lock Amber


Flint Lock Amber, a trusted close cousin of Capt. Red Beard.

Sandy Bones


Sandy Bones, a pirate turned landlubber, helps recruit the little mateys who want to join the Bluefoot crew.

Skinny Pete


Skinny Pete, not too strong on his sea legs, is the first to orally signal our departures.