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Come Join the Adventure. Have Fun with the Whole Family As You Set Sail for an Adventure in Search of Treasure.

Welcome Aboard!

Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventures is a fun interactive pirate cruise for adults and children. Join us as we set sail daily on a pirates treasure hunt along the Ft. Lauderdale waterway. Help the pirates find the hidden treasure, learn pirate talk, dress like a pirate and ward off the attacks of rival pirates with water cannons. A fun waterway cruise for the whole family.

Birthday Parties!

Plan your child’s next birthday party on the Bluefoot Pirate Ship. Our private birthday parties are a great and fun event for all the children. The special birthday child becomes an honorary Pirate Captain for the day and heads the search for the hidden treasure. The map shows the way..but look out for pirates! They can be hiding around any corner looking for your ship!

Group Field Trips!

We offer an exciting, fun filled, educational experience unlike anything else in Ft. Lauderdale. Our intention is to educate the students in local history and science on this interactive trip while promoting water safety and conservation. The trip will end with a “battle on the high seas (intracoastal)” with notorious “Barnacle Bill”, to claim the long lost treasure!

Meet the Crew of the Bluefoot!

Captain Moe
Born in the West Indies as the son of a gold merchant. Bilfo soon won his own ship in card game with a loud mouthed parrot.
Captain Kris
Capt. Kris is rumored to have survived a sinking ship by riding the back or a shark to safety in Bimini.
Black Rose
Black Rose, the daughter of a Nassau Noble man, ran away at a young age to live a life on the sea.
Barnacle Bill
Barnacle Bill, a notorious rebel pirate patoling the waters of Lake Sylvia… not to be trusted.
Rouge Wave
Rouge Wave, a sassy lass, always looking to parlay with Mermaid Friends.
Landlubber Robin
Landlubber Robin, prone to ocean maladies, remains at port arranging supplies for the Bluefoot.
Lady Lilian Red
Lady Lilian Red, a trusted close cousin of Capt. Red Beard.
Sandy Bones
Sandy Bones, Born and raised as a pirate likens pelicans to chickens.
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Party & Birthday Calander
October 17, 2015
Private Charter Captain's Drake and Ella's Birthday Bash!!!!
Starts: 9:00 am
Ends: October 17, 2015 - 10:00 am
Private Charter Captain Sabeer's 3rd Birthday Cruise !!!!!
Starts: 1:00 pm
Ends: October 17, 2015 - 2:00 pm
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