Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to provide information and answer questions about The Bluefoot Pirates and our Adventures, we have compiled a series of  FAQ’s for your convenience.

If it looks like bad weather is a brewing, please still show up for your adventure! The Captain continuously monitors the situation and makes the decision on whether or not to cancel the trip at the time of departure. We sail in South Florida which is notorious for having extremely unpredictable weather conditions and many times it will be storming when you arrive but clear up just in time for departure. Pirates don’t like to disappointment so we do our best not to disappoint our little crew members, our adventures will continue in a light rain when it is safe to do so, please plan accordingly.

Check in is a half hour before your departure time. You can find your departure time on your confirmation email. For example: if your departure time is 1pm, please arrive no later than 12:30pm for check in.

All passengers require a ticket regardless of age so they can be accurately counted towards our passenger count as per U.S. Coast Guard regulations. We offer a special infant rate when tickets are purchased through Bluefoot Pirates, this rate may not be valid when combined with third party offers.

All little pirates must have a responsible adult accompanying them on their adventure. No exceptions. All passengers require a ticket, including big pirates.
You can park right by our boat in the Bahia Mar Hotel and Marina self parking area. Please refer to our directions page for a detailed map on where we are in the marina, you will also receive this map in your confirmation email when you finalize your booking. The parking rate in this lot is $5 cash until midnight.
Yes, we have a ramp to our dock that provides easy access to our boat for all guests. However, we are unable to accommodate any motorized scooters or chairs while on the boat. We ask that guests please bring non-motorized equipment for the journey itself.
Yes, we have a handicap accessible toilet with hand sanitizer for use when our journey is underway. Prior to departure, guests are welcome to use the facilities at the Bahia Mar Hotel.
We ask that you arrive a half hour before departure time to check in. It is during this time that we dress and paint tattoos on our little pirates. The captains also have some important information to give the little pirates before they can safely join our crew. Once on the ship, the Adventure lasts approximately one hour. From arrival to departure, expect to spend at least ninety (90) minutes with our crew.
The back quarter of the ship provides complete shade all year round. The middle portion of the ship has a shade screen that is up from March until October. The front portion of the ship has no shade but is equipped with a misting system to keep our little crew cool and refreshed.
No food or drinks are provided as part of the adventure. However, we do have bottles of water available for purchase for $1 cash at the dock and on the ship. You are more than welcome to bring your own drinks on any trip, including ones of the adult variety (pirate-y grog) but we ask that food be kept to minimal light snacks. The little pirates are going to be fully engaged on their quest for treasure anyway so food is best served off the ship.
Unfortunately, deck space on a pirate ship is extremely limited so strollers are not permitted on the boat. Car seats for the comfort of the wee pirates are more than welcome.
We are a U.S. Coast Guard inspected and licensed vessel, we undergo such evaluations annually and as such our passengers are not required to wear life vests while on board our vessel. We do have plenty of life vests in both child and adults sizes available for ALL passengers in the event of an emergency.
Our Adventure takes us up and down the Intracoastal Waterway, at no point during our journey do we venture to the ocean. The Intracoastal Waterway tends to be mostly flat and calm with only the occasional ripple or boat wake, much like a river. It is not very likely you will experience seasickness but if you are a motion sickness prone pirate, consult with your doctor for some remedies that might work best for you.
Bring yourself and a smile! Also hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and outdoor clothing are a big help! We also welcome any pirate attire or costumes you might have, if you don’t have any of your own, we have plenty of pirate swag available for purchase at the ship. We accept cash and major credit cards for swag purchases.
While almost everyone finds something they love about this experience, the majority of the adventure is aimed at children between the ages of 3 to 10 years old.
While the little pirates join the First Mate on a quest for the key to our treasure, the big pirates can join our Captain at the back of the ship for a colorful tour of the mansions and Mega-yachts that line the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway. Just keep in mind they sometimes can be a little more Arrrrrrgh rated!